NATIONAL AWARD FOR INTERIOR DESIGN OF THE MALLORCA DESIGN DAY 2021 · In an abandoned building with a beautiful rational architecture from 1934, located in the periphery of Genoa and facing the sea, we made a proposal for a conceptual interior design: a hotel and bar design using sustainable and innovative materials mostly made from […]

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V L 5 8

CASA CINESE – A holiday home on Lake Maggiore – The Casa Cinese has been built in the late 1930s in Ticino, the Italian eldorado of Switzerland. It has been used as a guest house for international guests, as well as a place to retreat, read and work. At that time it also housed a […]

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M 3 0 4 4

This family house on the Aegean Sea will be completely transformed into a summer home. Our concept for this 1985s home follows our studio’s guidelines: respect the existing and assimilate the context. The existing pillar structure is preserved and reinforced, and the distribution of the spaces is reshaped while maintaining the exterior circulation: a typical […]

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Z D 6

This farmhouse located in the South of Berlin is made of three different buildings: the main house (100sm), an old cowshed and the former piggery. The first step of the renovation touches the main building, with a recomposition of the intimate spaces and the wet areas. A main living room with a double height has […]

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K 6

The attic space, which has never been invested in before, is to be completely renovated and its roof refurbished before being converted into a two-room apartment on one side and a three-room apartment on the other side. These raw spaces transport us to another time and project the history of this late 19th century building […]

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B 1 5 8

For the renovation of this generous Altbau-style apartment in the Berlin district of Wilmersdorf, we focused on graphic and colourful materials that would enliven, and give back their elegance to the living spaces. The opening of the former kitchen creates a triple row of rooms, complemented by a winter garden and an alcove. The volumes, […]

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A M 1 1

The renovation of this apartment located in a Parisian building of the 1930’s reunited two flats together. The result creates a generous suite of rooms, minimalistic volumes as well as beautiful finishes for the floors and mouldings in the main rooms. Our main intervention has been the bathroom renovation. For the new design, we based […]

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P M 4 4

For their new offices overlooking the city of Pamplona, the capital of the flourishing region of Navarre in Spain, the young Company Nubapp Applications S.L. wanted to offer to its employees various atmospheres: from the spacious open space to more intimate work areas, a space for relax or for meetings… the versatility of the places […]

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P 7

This large elegant apartment located in the Wilmersdorf district, in the west part of Berlin is a place where ancient French family furniture has taken refuge. To give it a new face, new elements have been added to the existing ones: the vast white rooms with their moulded ceilings accommodate furniture, accessories and lighting in […]

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P 6

This bright apartment under Pankow’s rooftops offered a living room, a bedroom, and a kitchen before renovation. The starting point of the project has been to install an open kitchen in the large living room, in order to obtain an additional bedroom. The universe chosen by the clients is in soft pastel, water green and […]

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